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Why is retirement different?  As you approach retirement you enter a distinctly different "phase" of your financial life. Read David's article to find out why...  Read More
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Isn't that what we're all looking for in retirement?   Virtually all our clients are in or nearing retirement.  We created RetireILM.com to help you make your retirement happier and more secure.


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Why is Retirement Risky?

By the time they reach retirement, most people have already been investing for thirty or forty years, often rather successfully.  They feel pretty confident in their investing abilities because they have built up a substantial nest egg in their IRA or 401k.  It's very important to realize, though, that investing is different in retirementm, and there are new risks to be faced.          


David in the News...

David writes articles for financial magazines and is often interviewed by various publications on retirement and financial topics.  He also speaks frequently in the Wilmington, NC area where he shares his expertise and financial strategies for those at or nearing retirement.  VIsit RetireILM.com for periodic updates or call David (910) 815-3100 and ask for the newsletter and schedule of where he'll be speaking next!

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